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1 Projects

  • Science Cafés/Caffè-Scienza: Participation and popularization of science and technology www.caffescienza.it In collaboration with Associazione caffè-Scienza Firenze
  • Italian network of science cafés: www.caffescientifici.it (funded by MIUR)
  • SciCafé: Best practices and European network of Science cafes (CA funded by EU) www.scicafe.eu
  • Recognition: Self-awareness at the device, porting psychological knowledge to computer science (STREP funded by EU) www.recognition-project.eu
  • SciCafe2.0: Using the concept of science cafe as a tool for extracting collective knowledge, crowdsourcing and citizen participation (CA funded by EU).
  • Landslide modelling by molecular dynamics (funded by Ente Cassa di Risparmio).
  • FOCAS-EINS: Human components of collective awareness platforms (funded by EINS NoE UE).
  • Ants warfare modelling.
  • PIECES INFN initiative on Complex Systems.